How Much Does Interior Painting Cost? Your Guide To House Interior Painting

The interiors of the house can become more inviting with the right color of paint. However, before you paint the interiors, it’s important to know how much it will cost you. Determining the interior painting cost is one way to have an estimated budget before you go hire an interior painter for your house.

While costs vary among different interior painting services, most professional painters follow more or less the same pricing scheme. The typical option includes a per square foot cost and an overall costing for houses with an average size. Most professional painters follow the pricing range, from the initial quote to the final bill they will provide to you when you hire their painting service.

Here are the various ranges of interior painting costs that a professional painter may provide as a price estimate for their interior painting service.

Interior Painting Cost Per Square Foot

When you hire a professional painter, they may decide to provide you with a price quote that is determined according to the total square footage of your house or room that needs interior painting. They will usually calculate this as most houses will not have the same size or structure. The interior painting cost per square foot pricing scheme is a common choice for most painters as they need to determine the hours required for the labor as well as painting supplies and materials.


At the lower end of the calculation for interior painting per square foot comes at a dollar and a half. This could mean simple, basic colors on a flat wall surface. You may also need a simple painting job without the need to reach surfaces or a complicated mixing of paint colors. Another reason for this price option is when you only need a few touch-ups to the interiors of your house.


The price will go higher a bit once the rooms inside the house are a bit more challenging to paint. Some more experienced painters may also charge this price range for uncomplicated painting services. This price is more likely to be across the range of basic painting jobs.


For most houses that need interior painting, this is the price that painters will follow or give as a quote to prospective clients. It may include painting walls only as a general painting service. Painters may indicate this price as a standard quote for the painting service that they render.


More complex interior painting activities will demand a price double that of the average, more or less. This price range, which can also be $4 more or less, will typically include painting the ceiling and trimmings inside the house. Thus, going for a cost at the higher end. Other considerations for this pricing may have to do with special painting requests that need a skilled interior painter to do the job.

The pricing per square foot provides a more specific estimate as to the cost of the interior painting. By calculating the cost on a per square foot basis, the professional painter can provide a price estimate that will match the costs. They will be able to determine the actual expenses they will incur for their services by choosing a pricing scheme following the square foot size of the home.

The Typical Range for Average-Sized Homes

Another option aside from the per square foot pricing of interior painting is a more general, packaged cost that a professional painter will also give as a price quote. In this costing plan, the professional painter gives faster pricing for most homes with an average size. The interior painting cost may go lower or higher than the price that a painter may provide. Usually, this pricing scheme is given to clients as an estimate and may not be the final cost that a painter will put on the bill for their painting services.


It’s possible to have a less than a thousand dollars cost for interior painting. Though, this price may only be applicable for smaller properties. This price estimate may apply if you only need one room that needs interior painting. Keep in mind, though, that the cost could get lower if it’s just a small room, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or an interior door only.


Although a bit higher, this price is still lower than the average cost to paint the interiors of the house. Most rooms will go within this price range. It could be a master bedroom or a living room. Rooms that are within the average size will typically have a packaged cost within this price range.


Most interior painters will quote a price around this range for the majority of houses with an average size. This is the average pricing that interior painters may provide as an initial quote. If you have a bigger bedroom or living room, painting the interiors will likely reach this price, or even higher, up to $2,000 for more difficult interior painting jobs that require a more meticulous painting stroke.


The higher-end interior painting cost reaches almost three thousand dollars. If your property is an apartment or a condo unit, it can be anywhere around the $3,000 price. A house with a 1,500 to 2,500 square foot area could also be within this range. Some houses or rooms, despite having a smaller area, may require exquisite interiors that need specialized equipment and skills to paint them on. Thus, reaching around this price range, with some reaching up to $6,000 for the entire job.

If the client prefers a faster and direct price quote, any of this price range will be the one that the professional painter will give as an estimate. A more packaged pricing is generally applicable for most houses with an average size. The professional painter may provide this price typically to indicate a price estimate so that the customer will have a ballpark figure, allowing them to decide if they can go for the painter’s services based on their painting needs for the house.

Choosing an Interior House Painter

A house painter, while most of them provide the same interior painting service, can vary greatly in their skills and the quality of their painting job. What you need to consider in interior painting jobs is that the cost will have about 70% to 80% coming from the labor expenses alone. It’s one of the biggest costs when it comes to interior painting.

Labor costs will vary depending on the professional fees of the painter. They will also consider the size of the house or the required approach to interior painting. If a specific skill is required, they may charge a higher price. Some interior painting jobs may also be laborious, such as those that require meticulous strokes or color combinations.

The paint is also one of the costs you have to include when budgeting. A gallon of paint to be used for interiors has a price of anywhere from $25 to $50. It will vary according to the brand that you will be choosing. As for exterior paints, they will most likely cost more.

Although, there is an advantage to choosing professional painters. They can negotiate for a wholesale price that would otherwise be not available to retail consumers. Most paint suppliers already have a working relationship with professional painters. This gives them the advantage of being able to negotiate the price, especially if the painter needs a large or bulk order for the house interior painting. This arrangement allows you to get a discounted rate when buying the paint necessary for the interiors of your house.

See to it that the interior painter you will be choosing for your property has complete materials and has insurance coverage. Personal liability insurance is important in case of incidents that may happen while they are painting the interiors of your home. They could fall from a ladder while painting the ceiling or other challenging parts of the house. Having insurance gives you peace of mind while they are doing their jobs.

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