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The self-motivated team of hard-working professionals at our property maintenance company is well-equipped with an exceptional set of standards, top-of-the-line tools, and personal dedication to the delivery of superior results in creating quality apartment environments. We strive to be the premier choice for apartment turnover specialists through a selection of necessary services, including interior painting, apartment cleaning services, property cleaning services, property maintenance, handyman services, plumbing, electrical, drywall repairs, carpentry, property repair services, flooring, fences, door repairs, carpet repairs, and pressure washing. Our company values include: Steadfast assurance of exceptional customer service, Dedicated commitment to excellence, Passionate performance and attention to detail Honest, accountable, reliable service, Effective communication, Talented professionals, Responsive management. Call today for free estimates for superior property turnover services!
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Gainesville Turnover Services
property maintenance services
No matter the space, the tasks, or the mess, our apartment turnover company specialists in effortless and effective house keeping and cleaning services.

apartment maintenance
Whether you need apartment painting, commercial painting, or simply a touch-up for a new tenant, we are here to make the process easy and quick.

property maintenance
You don't need to know anything about drywall repairs, this is why we are here. Nothing is worse than a tenant that has destroyed your home or rental, let us be the solution.

property repair services
With our maintenance team, we can ensure quality maintenance all year long. Whether you need maintenance for your apartment community, or you are seeking expert handyman services, we can aid in the process.

property management maintenance
If you need a specific job done for your home or apartment, let us know. Whether you are seeking carpentry services for an apartment remodel, or you need a quick fix, Gainesville Turnover Specialists can get it done!

Gainesville property maintenance company
Did you know that a fence can actually increase the value of your home? If you are seeking a turnover company in Gainesville to add value to your space by adding or enhancing your home with a fence, we are the team to call.

carpet cleaning
This may be known as one of the most crucial and most requested aspects of an apartment turnover. When it comes to a new tenant, did you know it is vital and in many cases, mandatory to perform an extensive carpet cleaning? This is why we are here!

Gainesville property maintenance services
Whether your last tenant destroyed your carpet, or you want to install a new one to add pizzazz to your home or apartment, Gainesville Turnover Specialists specialize in carpet repairs and maintenance.

When it comes to all aspects of flooring, we have a team of dedicated professionals ready to get the job done. Whether you need vinyl installation, carpet repair, flooring leveling, or tile or wood floor cleaning, we are the go-to company in Gainesville. Fl.



How Quick Are Your Apartment Turnover Services?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions that we received. When it comes to property management and maintenance, we ask a variety of questions to ensure we give you the right estimate. To start, we have to know the square footage of the space. For instance, a space that is about 900 sq. ft. will take a lot less time than a space that is double the size. To add to this, high ceilings, windows, and structural integrity is an important aspect that we keep in mind when painting an apartment. For us to better understand your needs and provide you with the best property maintenance services, we suggest a one-on-one consultation with one of our Gainesville Turnover Specialists today!

What Is The Color, Quality, and Paint That Is Used By Gainesville Turnover Specialists?

This is another one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to painting apartment turnover and property maintenance services. To start, every property maintenance company has its own regulations and standards when it comes to paint, quality and color. In short, we will match the paint that you require for your apartments and we include it into the finalized quote. With that in mind, the best way for us to ensure we pick the right paint is if you have the name of the paint color and the manufacturer. We then assess the square footage of the space and decide how many gallons will be necessary to get the property maintenance services done right!


We are a full service property restoration and apartment maintenance company! Gainesville Turnover Specialists offers property maintenance services such as
carpentry, trim work, drywall repairs, window repairs, door repairs, professional cleaningconstruction site cleanup, residential paintingcommercial painting,
maintenance services, carpet restoration and repairs, flooring installs, and more.

The GTS staff is Experts in Carpet Cleaning, Property Cleanup, Property Rehab, floor care, pressure washing. Specialization in Apartment Turnovers, real estate, Property Renovations!

Answers To A Few Common Questions Below

How Quick Are Your Carpet Cleaning Turnover Services? 

Much like any service, it is important to first analyze and assess the task at hand. When it comes to our expert carpet cleaning turnover services, we start with the square footage of the space. You let us know how many bedrooms, the square footage, and how much of a deep clean you would like in your home. From vacuuming, to deep cleaning, shampooing, and conditioning, our apartment turnover company works around your schedule to give you the carpet cleaning turnover service you are looking for. With this, we also achieve results the same day. We have our own equipment, we bring our own products, and we make sure that your carpet looks brand new by the time we are finished. Schedule a consultation with us today!

Do You Clean All Types of Carpet?

Our Gainesville Apartment Turnover Specialists are trained and specialize in a wide variety of surfaces. Not only are we familiar with a wide variety of carpets, but we also are cleaning experts in tile flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate, and more. With that, we start by assess you carpet height, thickness, and age. For instance, we may use a softer conditioner for older carpets to ensure they remain youthful and plush. We have years of experience working with shaggy, short, tall, thick, and plush carpets. Another important aspect is color of the carpet to ensure the right products are used!

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Gainesville Turnover Specialists (GTS) is a property turnover service offering apartment cleaning, house cleaning, interior painting, exterior painting, property maintenance, floor care, carpet cleaning, construction site cleanup, drywall repairs, handyman services & more. Call our Gainesville, Florida office for a property evaluation!
  • I can’t say enough good things about them! I had substantial wood rot on the two columns in front of my house, didn’t really know what to expect or how extensive the damage was. Rodger came out, cut away enough trim to examine the supports, determined the supports were solid.

    -Marjorie Hatch

  • After a tenant that completely destroyed the carpet in our home, we called Gainesville Turnover Specialists and within one day they came and removed the old carpet and installed a new one. They also performed a deep clean of the space and removed the foul smell that our tenant left behind. We highly recommend them if you've had nightmare tenants!

    -Rebecca Visniwski

  • I needed a quick paint job for our new duplex property and they came in the next day. They matched our paint and get the job done in one day for a 1k+ sq. ft. duplex. The team was very professional and answered all of my questions!

    -Mark Cole

  • Gainesville Turnover Specialists does outstanding work! They are easy to work with, communication is great and their cleans are on point. I’ve never had to call them back! Thanks for being my preferred vendor!

    – Jennifer Crooms

  • The Bartram has been using Gainesville Turnover Specialists for over a year now and we have been very pleased with the professionalism, reliability and results of their work.

    – Bartram Marketing

Full Service Gainesville Property
Maintenance Company

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try cleanup service
Try Cleanup Services

Offering the latest in cleaning technology and supplies, our professional janitorial team gets your apartment unit into a healthy and safe condition, giving your new tenants a great place to live. The right experience and attitude!

Gainesville Cleaning Services

A clean property always creates a happy tenant. Call our Gainesville cleaning company and ask for our deep cleaning service department today!

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Residential & commercial
Residential & Commercial

Prep your rental unit for the new tenants with a fresh coat of paint or patchwork. We do it all - primer, patching, drywall repair, interior painting, and exterior painting. Excellent invoicing, documentation, and pricing provided.

Gainesville Painting Services

Free painting estimates. No job too small or big! Call our Gainesville painting company for more details.

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Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaning

Stellar quality in carpet cleaning! Prompt service to restore your carpeting to like-new condition so your new tenants receive the kind of welcoming appearance they deserve. No flooring emergency is too difficult for our experienced team.

Gainesville Carpet Cleaner

Our high-tech approach in carpet cleaning protects your flooring investment. Call our carpet cleaning Company in gainesville.

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We Repair Walls
We Repair Walls

Professional spackling and sanding restores your drywall to perfect condition, hiding any evidence of nail holes or dents. Call Gainesville Turnover Specialists to fix up your rental unit and welcome your new tenants in style.

Gainesville Drywall Repair

Experienced drywall technicians to the rescue - no dent too large!

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We Supply Flooring
We Supply Flooring

Your flooring selection and our
installation skills! We will ensure your apartment turnovers are smooth and effortless. Flooring emergencies are our specialty from stain removal to pad replacement.

Gainesville Flooring

Exceptional flooring installation and removal of old carpeting, padding, or tile.

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Carpet Repair Services
Carpet Repair Servcies

Superior skills and repairs can restore the beauty of your carpet.
Whether you are dealing with a small tear in the corner or a rip along the seam, our carpeting specialists effortlessly repair the damage.

Gainesville Carpet Repairs

Professional carpeting repairs and installation for softer traffic noise!

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Fence Installation Repairs
Fence Installation Repairs

Secure your property with quality fencing installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our fence team delivers high-tech access systems and repairs designed to protect your financial investment as well as your tenants.

Gainesville Fences

Quality fencing and gate designs for a safer rental environment.

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Need A Carpenter
Need A Carpenter

Now that your tenant is no longer there, it is time to upgrade or repair crown moldings, doors, wood trim, window ledges, and anything else carpentry related. Professional results achieved in a timely fashion per your specifications.

Gainesville Remodel

Professional carpentry services available for all your turnover essentials!

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Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance
can keep your rental units in pristine condition.
Call us for essential maintenance measures and prevent problems before they become unsightly and expensive.

Property Maintenance

Professional punch-out services specifically tailored to your property turnover needs.

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