How Much Does a Handyman Charge in Gainesville, Florida

As a property owner, whether you have a house or a commercial building, you know how important it is to have periodic maintenance and repairs. This is to ensure that your property is safe for the occupants and make the facility last longer. You will need a skilled handyman that can do the job – with a handyman charge that won’t break the bank or be reasonable enough for the job.

One way to determine this is by looking into the handyman’s charge per hour. Some handyman services may also have other pricing schemes. Most of the time, however, the handyman cost will depend on the scale of the project.

Whether you pick a freelance handyman or hire one from a company, the pricing of their services will generally be more or less the same in terms of the pricing scheme. How can you determine which price range will best suit your needs for a handyman? Compare the handyman charge comparison below and check which price is more appropriate.

Additionally, it will also help to compare different handyman services. Doing so allows you to check which company or contractor can take on the job without the exorbitant cost. They should ideally be giving a price quote of either an hourly rate or pricing that is packaged around the entire job activity.


Handyman Charge For Smaller Jobs: Hourly Rates

The cost to get a handyman can start at an hourly rate, particularly for smaller jobs that they can finish within a day or less. They may charge anywhere from $50 to $85. Most of the time, the average hourly rate that handymen have is about $68.

Most of these jobs can be finished within an hour or more, depending on the size of the facility and the complexity of the job. The handyman will assess first the scope of the project before deciding on a rate per hour.

These smaller jobs may include any of the following responsibilities:

  • General cleaning activities
  • Light repairs
  • Installing or maintaining carpets
  • Upgrade or install lighting fixtures

Aside from these example jobs, the handyman charge will also vary according to the complexity of the project. The handyman will likely assess the scope of the job if the hourly rate is viable and suits the effort into getting the job done. Also, if the job isn’t possible to be broken down in a per-hour pricing scheme, the handyman may prefer to have another way of determining the cost.

Freelance handymen are usually the ones that charge an hourly rate between $50 to $85. This is because most of the jobs that they can take on are only limited and can only be finished with one skilled handyman taking on the job. With only at least one handyman doing minor handyman tasks, the handyman may only provide a quote of a per-hour rate for the service that they will render.

Handyman Charge For Medium Projects: Packaged Pricing

For projects that take a longer time, such as those that need to be finished for more than a day, a handyman may charge for the entire service that they render. Usually, the handyman charge will be around $100 and upwards of $180.

A job that’s not possible to finish within a few hours will generally move up to the medium pricing range. As the job can’t be done within the hourly range, most handyman firms will offer packaged pricing instead. This makes it easier to estimate and provide a flat fee.

This price range for a handyman will generally cover any of the following:

  • Painting or filling up gaps
  • Checking the appliances and equipment
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Inspecting trash containers around the property

Generally, this price range can already cover most of the requirements for the listed job activities. If there are no special requests or other instructions, this rate will be the one followed for the entirety of the project. The handyman may assess further if the property to work on has a larger space or more difficult work.

Contractors provide this price range of $100 to $180 for some jobs that are within a medium capacity. These jobs may either need a skilled handyman to spend an entire day doing repairs or cleaning the facility. Other times, the handyman may require help from an additional crew to finish the required job activity on the property.

Handyman Charge For Large Projects: Packaged Pricing

If your property needs a proper overhaul by a handyman, the larger projects may cost you from $500 to $650. This price range for the handyman’s services accommodates larger projects.

The higher handyman charge is typically the cost not just for facilities with a larger area. This higher price range will also be applicable for projects that will require a skilled handyman to take on the job.

Handyman services that have a higher charge are suitable for the following:

  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical installations
  • Safety and security systems
  • Landscaping
  • Vehicle towing

The larger price range for a handyman charge is suitable for most complex jobs or those that require a skilled handyman to work in the facility. Some of these handyman functions may need more than one staff to finish the job, depending on the requirements of the property. Additional manpower can mean more expenses for the handyman or the company. Thus, the need to reach this range of pricing.

Handyman activities like massive repairs or more extensive labor will belong to the higher price range of $500 to $650. This could also be the case if you chose a handyman with more qualifications. Additionally, having more special requests and instructions will also most likely reach a higher rate to hire a handyman or a team of a handyman to work on your facility.


Other Fees That a Handyman Charges

The prices mentioned above only indicate the services the handyman charges. When you pay for the handyman’s services, this does not include the payment for the materials and other supplies that the handyman may need for the job. The handyman may choose to buy the required materials on your behalf, or you may be the one to purchase them. It will depend on the purchase arrangement you have with the handyman. However, you always have to keep in mind that the materials will not be included in the initial quote that they provide.

Another thing to consider about the handyman charge is that the cost will vary. This depends on the skills and proficiency of the handyman. You may need special skills, such as repairs, that need a more experienced handyman. You will have to pay more for their extensive knowledge or additional certifications required to fulfill the complex job. 

It may also vary according to the state or neighborhood where you need the handyman to fix or maintain sections of your facility. States or cities with higher living expenses will also have handymen that require a higher price for their service. This is also one factor that you have to consider when it comes to hiring a handyman. Look into the profile of the city, state, or neighborhood as the handyman will also likely base their services on the average rate for labor services.

Aside from the services that they provide, the handyman may also charge additional for special requests. They may also be dealing with a hazardous facility in need of repairs or maintenance. In this case, the handyman may charge other fees on top of either the hourly rate or the packaged pricing that they initially give you.

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