5 Of The Best DIY Pressure Washing Tips and Tricks

When used the right way, a pressure washer or a power washer can help eliminate layers of stubborn grime and dirt. If you don’t know how to pressure wash, you can always call commercial cleaning services for help. Alternatively, you can check out the following pressure washing tips and tricks for a successful DIY project. In any circumstance, you can look forward to a better curb appeal and higher hygiene standards on your property.

  1. Test the Power

Before you DIY a pressure washer cleaner, make sure that the power is set appropriately. The most reliable method to ensure that is by starting the equipment at a distance of a few feet. Move the hose in different directions to check the pressure and the power. This is one of those pressure washing tips and tricks that you can’t afford to skip. If you do, you could end up causing damage to the surface instead of cleaning it.

  1. Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Most pressure washers have a reservoir and special nozzle for spraying soap or cleaning solutions. But you should know when to use what. For example, a multipurpose house wash will help remove grime from patio or siding. However, for driveways, degreasers are a better choice. Use only chemicals and pressure washer cleaning solutions that are approved for pressure washer use. Not doing so may cause disturbance in the different components of the DIY pressure washer cleaner.

  1. Know the Ability of Different Washers

The models used for cleaning cars might not be apt for cleaning homes. Similarly, a DIY steam pressure washer might not work on all surfaces. The cleaning units and techniques for every type of equipment varies. And it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with these differences before trying any pressure washing in Gainesville FL.

  1. Protect Plants and Floors

Before you try any pressure washer tips, make sure your plants and floors are covered with tarp. The high-pressure cleaning can cause paint chips to fall off the walls and create a mess on the floor or damage the plants. A layer of coverage will help take care of this problem perfectly.

  1. Choose the Right Nozzles

Pressure Washing Gainesville FL

The nozzle plays a crucial role in the cleaning process. One of the vital pressure washing tips and tricks is to pick the nozzle that has the right GPM and PSI capacities for the type of surface you intend to clean.  There are zero degree nozzles as well as rotating nozzles to choose from. Make sure you learn about these when learning how to pressure wash.

Please remember that pressure washers and DIY steam pressure washers can cause damage if not handled properly. If you have never worked with these washers before, it is smarter to have an experienced person guide you. Keeping these pressure washing tips and tricks will also help make the process easier to understand. It would help if you also did additional research before going ahead with your DIY washing project to get a grip on the techniques and their nitty-gritty.