Commercial Building Repainting – Good Advice

Commercial Building Repainting

The cold months of the year offer a great opportunity to undertake a commercial painting project. The low temperatures in winter prove to be ideal if you want to get your commercial premises back in perfect shape. Repainting the buildings in this weather will keep them prepared for the spring/summer period when the days are warmer.

Exposure to the elements – More Reason to go for Commercial Building Repainting

Is any part of your building get direct sun exposure for a long time during the year? If this is so, the odds are that the exterior will drastically fade within 2-4 years. Fading by sun exposure is a primary reason many commercial buildings need regular repainting. That could also be due to extremes in weather elements, like the wind and rain. Over time, wind and rain can affect the quality and longevity of the paint job severely.
Usually, it is possible to tell whether you'll need to repaint after a storm or hurricane. However, for less harsh conditions, it's not so easy to assess the impact of elements on paint surfaces. You need professional help to understand the degree of damage. That is where Gainesville Turnover Specialists come into the picture.

The type of paint that is applied should be a key consideration when it comes to Commercial Building Repainting.

Even though paint type is one area that may suffer neglect, it can have a significant bearing on the strength and longevity of your exterior as well as your interior painting. So, you need to consider this carefully. Irrespective of your budget allotted to different areas of maintenance, paint quality should always be a priority. From our experience, we've seen many clients pay more in the long run by opting for cheaper paints or little-known (and tested) brands. It usually doesn't save you money. Instead, it can add up to maintenance expenditure over the years. So, think carefully and wisely when choosing the paints.

The colour of paint – Not always an easy decision when Commercial Building Repainting

You might assume that it would be straightforward to choose the shade you want, right? Well, sometimes it's not as straightforward as you'd think. Wall colours can look very different at different times of the day. Then there's the all-important question of how you match the exterior colour to the company brand palette. That can be a bit tricky, and that is why you need expert opinion. In general, lighter colours are often a better choice in Florida as darker colours tend to not fare as well under the intense sun.

We hope these bits of advice are useful to you if you are seeking a commercial repaint – Gainesville is just a call away from further FREE advice on any aspect of commercial painting.