Fiber Protection For
Upholstery And Carpets

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Fiber Protection For Upholstery And Carpets

Waterproof Upholstery Fabric & Carpets

Do you know that your new furniture upholstery and carpets are confronted by numerous environmental factors that lead to wear and tear on a daily basis? Do you know that you can stop it and even reverse some damage with fiber protectors for rugs and upholstery fabrics? At Gainesville Turnover Specialists, we have developed special solutions that can treat a varied range of fabrics that adorn your living space. These solutions can give the fabric a new lease of life, offering protection against water damage and various other environmental factors like dust and pollutants.

You cannot always get water proof fabric to decorate your home, but with our services, you can easily waterproof upholstery fabric and carpets of all kinds. We specialize in fiber shield fabric protector that is great for both homes and commercial spaces. No matter what your requirements are, we will waterproof upholstery and carpets as per your needs, irrespective of the area that needs to be covered. With our expertise in multiplying the value of interior spaces of all sizes, we can accomplish a variety of tasks to waterproof fabrics and materials that are deployed to design living spaces and workplaces.

Your Interior Space Needs The Best Waterproof Fabric & We
Can Provide The Same

Why Choose GTS?

Waterproof coating for fabric can save you from the expenses of repair and purchase of new carpets or upholstery, and we can offer the best deals for this service. However, we don’t say that we are the best, our credibility is backed by statements that proclaim us the fabric waterproofing and fiber protection expert. Take a look at a few of the reasons why you should hire us:

Reasonably Priced

Cheap waterproof fabric isn’t the perfect solution, you need a reasonable price with exceptional quality. This is what we provide at Gainesville Turnover Specialists. We don’t compromise on quality, but also try to make sure that you don’t have to go beyond your budget. Our aim is to offer the best fiber protection and waterproofing solutions at a price quote that’s both affordable and practical.


We waterproof fabric by the yard measurement and quote prices accordingly. One of the biggest reasons why our clients don’t just come back but recommend us is the fact that we can customize our services. No matter what your requirements are, we will devise solutions for fiber shield fabric protectors accordingly.


Our customers vouch for us not only because we offer better solutions than many other service providers on their waterproof fabric near me search page, but also because we put customer satisfaction first. Our endeavor is to make sure that every valued customer, who bestows us with the responsibility to waterproof upholstery fabric and carpets, is served diligently.

We Waterproof A Variety Of Materials

Our fiber protection solutions can work on almost every type of interior fabric. However, we also waterproof outdoor fabric and specialize in waterproofing upholstery and carpets that are used for outdoor events like weddings, birthdays, etc. Take a look at our extensive service suite and pick solute ions as per your needs.

Heavy duty waterproof fabric

Lightweight waterproof fabric

Thick waterproof fabric

Thin waterproof fabric

Printed waterproof canvas fabric

Waterproof canvas fabric

Waterproof synthetic textile compositions

Waterproof natural textile compositions

Note: Our waterproofing services for upholstery textile and carpets are ideal for all fabric variants. However, the fiber shield fabric protector solution that we use for each type of fabric will have a customized composition, so as to offer maximum coverage without causing any damage.
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