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Are you looking for professionals who have expertise in handling a wide range of tasks around your home and other types of properties? If so, then, you have come to the perfect place!

Our primary motive is to help you get the most qualified handyman Gainesville FL, who can offer you efficient repairs, maintenance tasks, damage control, and more.

Do you need more helping hands to assist you with furniture assembly? Or, are you looking for a professional team of workers to help you get a fresh coat of paint in your place? Whatever your handyman services near me requirement, our skilled team of Handyman in Gainesville FL are prompt, well-trained, and skilled. We have the proper equipment, technical know-how, and necessary certifications required to help you with all your handyman needs with excellence. Continue to read below to know more about what makes us the ideal choice for you.

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Why Choose GTS For Handyman Services Gainesville, FL

We have dedicated personnel specializing in various areas of home and office renovations, repairs, and fixes.

To introduce you to a clearer picture of our efficiency when it comes to handyman services Gainesville FL, we have described our strengths below.

When you book your handyman near me with GTS, you look forward to a wealth of experience and expertise. We not only specialize in general labor but an array of different tasks that we can perform to get your place looking brand new and all your appliances running efficiently to your satisfaction.

In addition to bringing their experience, our professionals offering handyman Gainesville FL services in Gainesville FL, will bring all the essential tools required to get the job done effectively and efficiently. So, you just share details of the job you need to be done and your address in the booking form. And we will be there as on your chosen date and time.


When hiring a handyman Gainesville FL, you need to be sure that they are going to turn up on time. If not, it can get turn out to be frustrating when you are given an 8-hour arrival window, but you have to sit around and wait longer. And sometimes, it can get worse when the handyman professionals cancel their appointment at the last minute!

However, with GTS’s Handyman in Gainesville FL, you don’t have to worry about any of those problems. You can rest assured that our expert team reaches your place at the given point of time you request. Additionally, we are always ready to answer all your questions and clarify your doubts, thus, giving you the professionalism that you need.


When you hire an affordable Gainesville handyman near me, it’s hard to know every detailed information as such. So, it always helps if there is room for flexibility and changes. You can’t just hire a team that isn’t ready to give you surprises in a professional way. We are well-versed in these possibilities that come on the way. So, when you reach out to us, we connect you with a team of professional Handyman in Gainesville FL that can react and respond to your job’s needs, whatever they might be, at any stage of the work being done. In short, we are pretty adaptable!

We are confident that our team of experts will always be ready to assist you with the skills that match both your needs and your budget.


According to the latest study, it has been found out that there are more than over 200 handyman services in Gainesville, FL. And while booking a service with a handyman Gainesville FL, you want to know that they are experienced and capable enough to deal with the job at hand. This is why we ensure that every member of our team is fully trained, qualified, and equipped.

We also understand that the requirements of different personal and commercial properties can vary. Essentially, none of the repair jobs are the same. Hence, we ensure that we connect you with the best professional handyman near me that can handle your particular requirements to your complete satisfaction.

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Get All Kinds of Gainesville Handyman Services Near Me Under One Roof

As stated above, GTS offers all kinds of handyman services near me. Right from repairs and installation work, we have professionals taking care of all types of specializations. With the broadening skills and requirements in this area, we have ensured that we continue to expand the types of handyman Gainesville FL services that we offer. The average response time for our handyman service in Gainesville, FL is around 2 hours. Below is a list to help you get acquainted with the same. If you need any additional services, you can connect with us at any time.

Besides, if you are looking to hire a certified technician to handle all the related jobs that need more training and specialized equipment, we can connect you with professionals who can get fit that description. You can either call us to talk about your handyman services Gainesville FL requirements any time or fill up the form. That way, it gets easier for one to connect with the professionals that are suited best for the requirement.

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Gainesville FL Services at GTS

When you work with Gainesville handyman at GTS, you don’t have to worry about any kind of facility repairs. Our handyman services near me will always assist you to make your personal or commercial place look its best. We handle each of your projects with utmost care and attention. The Gainesville handyman understands the importance of completing work efficiently no matter what task comes at hand. We are capable of handling any type of handyman work, all you need to do is to contact handyman Gainesville FL to discuss your needs with us!

Get Assured Quality Service & Care with handyman services Gainesville FL

When we talk about facility maintenance, we strive to offer you the best service possible for each of our clients. We offer all kinds of handyman services Gainesville FL under one roof, and thus, it ensures that your property runs efficiently all the time. When any maintenance issue arises at our client’s property, our Gainesville handyman is well-equipped to fix the issue immediacalltoy.

Our Handyman in Gainesville FL is fully dedicated and determined towards our clients and offers top-notch service no matter what’s the requirement of the project. We understand what it takes to keep a property running smoothly and seamlessly all the time.

If you are looking for handyman services near me, we have got you covered. Our handyman Gainesville FL works towards offering you quick repairs such that your property experiences no issues in the longer run. We are licensed and insured for all of our services, so clients can rest assured that their work is done correctly and on time. Our handyman services in Gainesville, FL have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the facility maintenance industry, and we are already trained to handle any kind of project that comes our way.

The handyman prices range from $177 and $670 in Gainesville, FL, with an average cost of $400. To know more about the cost of your project, contact the handyman professionals at GTS today and learn more about all services we provide to our clients. GTS’s Handyman in Gainesville FL is always ready to answer your concerns and doubts, thus, giving you the professionalism and guidance that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handyman Services in Gainesville, FL

What is the name of the company?
The company’s name is Gainesville Turnover Specialists. We offer handyman services specializing in various areas of home and office renovations, repairs, and fixes.
What is the company's phone number?
Our general line is (352) 612-3184. For more of our contact information, please visit our Contact Us.

What are the hours of operation for the company?

We offer all kinds of handyman services under one roof. Whether it’s repairs or installations, our dedicated handyman can provide all types of specializations.
Does the company offer a warranty or guarantee on its work?
The technicians at Gainesville Turnover Specialists will always be there to work with you to rectify any issue that may arise on the way. After all, we don’t achieve a sense of accomplishment until you are satisfied with our services.
What forms of payment does the company accept?
We accept all kinds of payments for the services you avail from us (cash, online payments, and bank transfers).
How much experience does the handyman have?
Gainesville Turnover Specialists provide experienced and skilled handyman services that can provide you with all services under one roof.
How does the handyman determine what needs to be done?
Our handyman conducts thorough inspection and analysis and based upon that the handyman determines what needs to be done.
Who is the best handyman in Gainesville, FL?
Gainesville Turnover Specialists is the best handyman in Gainesville, FL.
Where can I find a list of services offered by Handyman Gainesville FL?
To find out a list of services offered by Handyman Gainesville FL, please visit our Services page.
What is the company's address?
Our company is located at 7230 W University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32607.
What are the company's business hours?
The hours of operation of Gainesville Turnover Specialists are 9 AM to 5 PM.
What are the company's rates?
Our company’s rates for repairs or installations depend on the services you incur and their range of complexity. To get approximate for your services, reach out to us!
What is GTS's policy on cancellations or rescheduling?
If you want to cancel or reschedule your services with us, you must let us know at least 2 days prior to the appointment.
How long has the handyman been in business?
YourGTS has been in the business since 2016. Since then, we have been offering services to clients for what they need.
How does the handyman charge for services?
The handyman at Gainesville Turnover Specialists charge based on the services incurred.
Who offers handyman services in Gainesville, FL?
Gainesville Turnover Specialists offers handyman services in Gainesville, FL.
Who is the most affordable handyman in Gainesville, FL?
Gainesville Turnover Specialists offers the most affordable handyman in Gainesville, FL.
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Gainesville Turnover Specialists (GTS) is a property turnover service offering apartment cleaning, house cleaning, interior painting, exterior painting, property maintenance, floor care, carpet cleaning, construction site cleanup, drywall repairs, handyman services & more. Call our Gainesville, Florida office for a property evaluation!
I can’t say enough good things about them! I had substantial wood rot on the two columns in front of my house, didn’t really know what to expect or how extensive the damage was. Rodger came out, cut away enough trim to examine the supports, determined the supports were solid.
Marjorie hatch
After a tenant that complecalltoy destroyed the carpet in our home, we called Gainesville Turnover Specialists and within one day they came and removed the old carpet and installed a new one. They also performed a deep clean of the space and removed the foul smell that our tenant left behind. We highly recommend them if you've had nightmare tenants!
Rebecca Visniwski
I needed a quick paint job for our new duplex property and they came in the next day. They matched our paint and get the job done in one day for a 1k+ sq. ft. duplex. The team was very professional and answered all of my questions!
Mark Cole
Gainesville Turnover Specialists does outstanding work! They are easy to work with, communication is great and their cleans are on point. I’ve never had to call them back! Thanks for being my preferred vendor!
Jennifer Crooms
The Bartram has been using Gainesville Turnover Specialists for over a year now and we have been very pleased with the professionalism, reliability and results of their work.
Bartram Marketing
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