The Pros and Cons When You Rent a Carpet Cleaner

The usual approach to cleaning carpets is by using a vacuum. However, the vacuum may not be enough, and a carpet cleaner is required to get rid of deep-seated dirt and stubborn stains from the carpet. It’s best to rent a carpet cleaner for this.

Using a carpet cleaner is more effective, especially if your carpet has dirt that you can’t seem to get rid of with just a piece of vacuum equipment. Although, keep in mind that carpet cleaners do not have the same price range as your regular household vacuums. As they use better cleaning technology and advanced circuitry, carpet cleaners are typically available only from cleaning companies that have the means to invest in an expensive piece of carpet cleaning equipment.

Some of the carpet cleaner devices that you can rent include the Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro, which is suitable if you have pets at home and you want to get rid of the urine or pet hairs from your carpet. Another model is the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 – this one is one of the typical units available for rent from various companies that have carpet cleaners available to rent. Other models may come from different rental companies. So, what makes renting beneficial or not?

Advantages of Rent A Carpet Cleaner

There are several advantages to renting a carpet cleaner. As they are an efficient piece of cleaning equipment, you will benefit from using the device. A few of the advantages that make carpet cleaner rentals beneficial for your carpet cleaning activity are as follows.

A more affordable choice

Carpet cleaners are expensive pieces of equipment that you may only use infrequently. It will be a far better choice to rent them only when you need to have a machine that can effectively get rid of the dirt from the carpet. Carpet cleaners typically cost anywhere from $200 and even up to $500. This can put a dent in your budget, particularly if you only need a carpet cleaner for seldom cleaning activities. It is a more viable choice to just rent the carpet cleaner rather than buy the machine itself.

Also, renting a carpet cleaner is not as expensive as, say, hiring a carpet cleaning service to do the work. You are the one doing the cleaning activity, so you’re only spending on the cost of renting the equipment.

Easy-to-follow instructions

Usually, the company offering to rent a carpet cleaner will provide you with a manual on how to use the equipment. The instructions are easy to follow, so you can operate them immediacalltoy.

The company that you want to rent the carpet cleaner from will brief you on how to use the machine properly. They may even have a demonstration for you to easily clean the carpet using the device.

No need to follow a schedule

You can clean at your preferred time to do the cleaning as long as it’s within the agreed rental period. You don’t have to follow the availability of the carpet cleaning company, which is usually the case when it comes to carpet cleaning services.

With a carpet cleaner rental, you have the freedom of what time you’re available or prefer to do the carpet cleaning. This way, you don’t have to worry about schedules that don’t match up or if you need to get your carpets cleaned ASAP.

Disadvantages of Renting a Carpet Cleaner

While it’s easy to cite the advantages of carpet cleaner rentals, there are also disadvantages to them. Some of the cons of renting a carpet cleaning that you need to consider can include any of these.

Cleaning isn’t as thorough

The carpet cleaner in itself is a powerful machine to wash away the dirt, debris, and odor from your carpets. However, you may not know the technique on how to clean the carpet using a carpet cleaner properly.

Without the proper know-how and experience when it comes to operating a carpet cleaner machine. You may find yourself doing only a partial cleaning that isn’t as thorough as professionals.

The machine may not be fully functional

Despite the guarantee from the carpet cleaning company, the carpet cleaner could be finicky, or some issues arise along with the use of the equipment.

As with any equipment, a carpet cleaner could get fussy in the middle of your cleaning activity. They might not function properly, especially if your carpet has a lot of dirt and debris that has accumulated, clogging the machine in the process.

It may take more time

You may find it difficult to maneuver the carpet cleaner across the carpet in a certain direction or spot where you want to get rid of the dirt. Or, the carpet cleaner may have issues while you’re doing the cleaning activity. All of these eat up the time that you spend cleaning the carpet using the machine.

There is a reason why professional carpet cleaning services exist. They are more efficient when it comes to using a carpet cleaner and know the technique to do deep carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaner Rentals: What To Consider

Before you head on to the first business that you want to rent the carpet cleaning machine, consider these first:

Equipment Selection

Choose what would be the ideal carpet cleaner that will fit your cleaning needs for the carpet. There are several brands and models that a carpet cleaning company may offer for rent.

You can either ask for recommendations from the rental company on which carpet cleaner would suit your cleaning needs. Alternatively, you could also do research to look for a carpet cleaner that can address your carpet cleaning. Check for the features, specifications, brand, and even the manual to decide on the type of carpet cleaner you want to rent.

Your Cleaning Requirements

You have to identify your specific cleaning needs. This includes knowing what kind of dirt is there on the carpet or what is your preferred cleaning goal – be it to make them look new or smell fresh.

Tell the carpet cleaner rental about what would you like to get out of the carpet cleaning activity using the equipment. Also, see to it that the carpet cleaner has the features that you prefer. You may want to get rid of the molds, bacteria, or other contaminants on the surface and deep into the threads of the carpet. The company may have a carpet cleaner with features that will fit your requirements.

Rental Arrangement

It’s important as well to determine the price to rent a carpet cleaner, their location, and the set rental period. Clarify the rental agreement with the company before deciding to rent.

This will help when you’re still shopping for different carpet cleaner rentals and trying to check which has the more favorable deal for your carpet cleaning needs. You can compare the prices, available equipment, and other factors that can help in deciding which company you will be renting the carpet cleaner equipment from.

Other Alternatives

If you find it not suitable to rent a carpet cleaner, what you can do instead is to hire a carpet cleaning service to do the cleaning job.

Carpet cleaning services become a viable option if you find it difficult to operate a carpet cleaner. Alternatively, you may want a more thorough and deep cleaning of the carpet. This won’t be possible if you use a carpet cleaner that you have rented. Especially if it’s your first time using the machine. You will have no way of knowing if you’re doing the correct carpet cleaning procedure using the carpet cleaner machine.

While you’re looking where to rent a carpet cleaner, you should weigh the pros and cons. The next time you type in “rent a carpet cleaner near me“, consider what would work best in your situation. You may need a steam carpet cleaner that can effectively get rid of the dirt. Thus, renting a carpet steam cleaner will be a viable option.

On the other hand, a carpet cleaning company instead of merely renting a cleaning device can be the answer to most carpet cleaning requirements. A carpet cleaning service can be suitable in cases where you lack the time to do the carpet cleaning activity at home. Additionally, the carpet cleaning company may also be providing complete carpet and home cleaning services. This makes them a more attractive option so you can have not just your carpets cleaned but even your home as well.

The Bottom Line

The carpet cleaning services from companies like Gainesville Turnover Specialists provide you with more than just carpet cleaning. They also do carpet repairs and deep cleaning. Instead of finding it difficult to use and spending time using a carpet cleaner that you have rented, carpet cleaning companies can do the job more efficiently. Consider which option would work best when it comes to making your carpets clean.