Removing Carpet Indentations: How to Go About It?

Your carpet is the first thing the guests would see, once inside the house. Now imagine those unsightly dents that furniture often makes upon carpets and rugs. Not only do these detract from the very value of your expensive and well-maintained carpet, but also prove detrimental in terms of retaining the carpet’s longevity. Naturally, you would do all you can to remove carpets’ Indentations.  

Why It is Important to Remove Furniture Dents from the Carpet?

Realistically speaking, you’re not alone when you have to fix carpet dents. So when you decided to rearrange the living room or revamp the bedroom for a change, you had to slide the dresser or the bed or maybe the sofa or dining table. Thanks to your furniture that just left those ’little reminders’ in the form of dents. It could be that you took a house on rent and the seller who provided you a whole or semi-furnished flat left similar reminders on their carpet/s too. Now that you’re the owner (tenant), the onus lies on you to learn how to get out carpet dents.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Dents?

Thankfully, several such remedies will help you remove furniture marks on the carpet. If you wish to know how to fix carpet dents, here are some quick hacks to rely on.

Use an Ice Cube

Since the idea is to cover the overall space in the entire surface area, get as many ice cubes as you want. This is undoubtedly the ‘budget’ method to remove furniture dents from carpets, and it works wonders. Most of us aren’t perfect with calculations, so it makes no real sense to fix a dent-to-ice cube ratio. You need to work till it’s no longer visible to the naked eye. Allow the ice to melt for a few hours for the water to engorge the carpet nap complecalltoy. If there’s excess water around, blot using a sponge.

Use a Vacuum

If you’re still wondering how to remove dents in carpets left by furniture, then the invasive solution is to use a vacuum. The vacuum cleaner can restore the indented areas of the carpet to life. You can start using your fingers to loosen up the inside fibers. Then fix the hose to the vacuum cleaner to provide a strong section over the indented zones of the carpet and the other areas nearby. If the dents are less stubborn, the vacuum will immediacalltoy fix the problem.

Use an Iron

Another great way of learning how to remove carpet dents from furniture is resorting to an iron. You can soak a white cloth in the water, and then lay the damp piece of cloth over the same indentation. It is recommended to use white material. Then set the iron to a medium heat setting and keep it at least several inches above the damp cloth, for a minute. Now you can use a coin to brush the carpet fibers. Strangely, several users have reported success with this method to fix carpet dents. As long as the heat does not cause damage to the carpet, this works great.

Use a Hair Dryer

For fashion-conscious folks who are keen on learning how to remove furniture marks on the carpet, this solution might make you feel relieved. All you need is a traditional blow dryer and a spray bottle containing water. You can spray the indentation with adequate water to saturate it. Then select the hottest setting of the hairdryer to dry the wet carpet. Ensure the distance is about 4 to 6 inches from the carpet and then keep fluffing it up, using your fingers.


No matter what DIY solution works for you, the correct and professional way to remove furniture dents from carpets is to contact expert carpet cleaners or a company specializing in dispensing such services. At least, you won’t be cheated in the process.