How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost to A Home?

Over the course of prolonged exposure, grime, dirt, and mold can build up over your home’s exterior spaces as well as the property’s walls. These unsightly messes can lead to rampant discoloration and deep damage that can even lead to major health issues. The quickest and easiest way to get your exteriors clean is by professionally pressure washing them thoroughly. Depending on several factors, average pressure washing costs can range between $100 and $650. However, if you choose to power wash your exteriors, the prices may also rise up substantially. 

What is Pressure Washing, and How is it Different from Power Washing? 

Contrary to popular belief, pressure washing and power washing are entirely different, even though these terms are often used interchangeably. The most notable difference comes in the cost of the two. While the average cost of pressure washing can be as low as $100, the lowest power washing costs could be a contrasting $250.  

Another major difference between pressure washing and power washing is that while pressure washing uses high-pressure cold water, power washing uses heated high-pressure water to blast away any contaminants. This heated characteristic of power washing makes their equipment more sophisticated and expensive compared to pressure washers, leading to higher charges. However, a power washer is more potent in terms of removing stains or contaminants from a surface.  

Breaking Down the Pressure Washing Cost 

The cost of pressure washing a property will largely depend on the size and condition of the property. While a larger area will take more time, effort, and equipment to clean, it can cost more than that of a small space. Pressure washing a house typically costs about $0.10 to $0.50 per square foot. Considering the average size of a place in the United States, pressure washing an entire home can cost anywhere between $100 and $650. We can further break down this cost into several parts. 

  • Type of Surface 

If the majority of the surfaces to be cleaned are flat and easily accessible, like patios and driveways, they take considerably less time compared to pressure washing more extensive, complex areas. However, it does not directly reflect on your cost as the professional still has to pay for gas, insurance, and other overhead charges, making the rate per square foot cheaper when you give them larger areas to clean than smaller isolated tasks. 

  • Size of the Property 

The larger the area to be cleaned, the higher the prices will go since it will take more time, water, and labor. As a rough estimate, pressure washing in a 1500 sq ft area can cost anywhere between $150 and $750. Similarly, for a 2000 sq ft area, the cost can range from $200 to $1,000, and $250 – $1,250 for a 2500 sq ft area. 

  • The complexity of the Project 

Pressure washing prices go up exponentially with the increase in complexity of the project. If a project is incredibly complex, the technician will have to spend more time and effort, thereby increasing the cost. Some of the factors that deem a project to be problematic are the buildup of grime, areas being hard to access, and large or multi-story homes. 

Furthermore, if your property has a substantial amount of grime or grease build-up, it is more efficient to hire a power washing service than a pressure washing service. Since power washing uses heated water, it can effectively break up stains but comes at a higher cost. 

  • Location of Your Property 

Location can be a significant determinant of your pressure washing cost. If your home is located in a prime location, the cost of pressure washing can be pretty high. On the other hand, if your property resides in an economical neighborhood, you are more likely to find that the pressure washing prices are considerably lower. 

  • Equipment and Overhead 

Professionals use professional-grade pressure washers and equipment. These large and complex tools are specially built to make cleaning faster and are not easy to use. Since you cannot find this specialized equipment in your local store, they require the user to be licensed. Furthermore, the technicians need to be insured, and after covering other operational costs like paperwork and travel, the pressure washing service’s price can change significantly. 

  • Labor Charges 

A pressure washer needs a technician to handle it. Although professionals charge anywhere between $25 and $100 per hour for their services, giving them more straightforward jobs can fetch you lower rates while increasing the complexity can raise the charges. For example, if you need to have your multi-story home pressure washed, expect to pay more than you would for a single-story home. 

The Cost of Pressure Washing by The Surface Type 

Usually, when we say ‘pressure washing a home,’ we do not mean pressure washing the entire house. Instead, it usually refers to pressure washing specific parts of your property. Here are some standard charges for pressure washing particular aspects of your home. 

  • Driveways typically garner pressure washing prices between $100 and $250. They tend to accumulate grime faster than other surfaces due to frequent foot and car traffic. Most of the charges are labor costs, as cleaning driveways require more cleaning solutions and labor. 
  • Patios cost a slightly lower $100 – $200. These costs vary depending on the patio or deck’s size and its ease of access. If your patio has stairs or any other obstructions, additional charges can be added to the final cost. 
  • Fences require slightly more effort and can cost anywhere between $150 to $300. This cost also highly depends on the material and length of the fence. While wooden fences require more care and time to prevent damage, they also garner higher pressure-washing costs. 
  • Gutters are easy to pressure wash and can cost as low as $50 – $150. However, these prices are for a single-story home. If your home has multiple stories, the technician will require additional equipment, which can raise the cost. 
  • Roofs are challenging for pressure washers and might require additional equipment. Pressure washing them can cost anywhere between $450 and $700. It also depends on the slope of your roof and whether it is easy to access or not. 
  • Sidings typically cost $150 to $1,400 to pressure wash, depending on the complexity. Since sidings make up most of your home, cleaning them is necessary to maintain the aesthetic look of your home. However, the larger the area of sidings, the costlier pressure washing gets. 
  • A one-story house usually costs $150 – $750 to pressure wash. These homes are easily accessible and typically do not require any additional equipment.  
  • Two-story homes can cost a whopping $400 – $1,400 for pressure washing services. The additional cost is primarily due to the increased difficulty in cleaning and the need for extra equipment. 
  • Three-story homes have the highest pressure washing costs, at about $700 to $1,800. In some cases, these jobs require a scissor lift, as ladders cannot cut it anymore. Hiring more equipment contributes to large portions of this cost. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are considering buying a pressure washer or a power washer and trying to DIY it, you will find that using a pressure washer can be incredibly dangerous. Hold the washer too close to the surface, and you can cause significant levels of damage; on the contrary, if you hold it too far, you will not get any dirt off. Furthermore, buying a pressure washer and spending hours cleaning your home to achieve sub-optimal results can be detrimental to your finances and health. Instead, hire a professional to do it for you, as the pressure washing costs are a fraction of what it can cost you if you DIY it.