How often should I repaint the exterior of my home?

Repaint the Exterior
When the house paint on the exterior of your home begins to fade or crack, it brings down the entire appearance of your property. Whether you're selling your house or not, curb appeal is not only key to maintaining your property's value, it's also more socially acceptable.

As Gainesville painters, we view exterior house painting as a crucial part of property maintenance and how people view your home, but how do you know when your house needs a new paint job? Most professional painters agree that it needs to be done every five to ten years, but it depends on where you live and the quality of the previous work.

Exterior painting conditions

Coastal homes that are exposed to intense sun and salty air conditions generally need more frequent maintenance, and the paint loses its color quicker than paint that's usually in the shade. Sun damage also causes blistering and chalking, which is when the surface of the paint becomes powdery.

If you're in a place like Florida, you're not only exposed to hot weather; the state also experiences more thunderstorms than most other states, causing frequent rain and wind damage. Due to these extremes, your home probably needs a repaint around every five years.

Paint materials and maintenance

It's also important to use high-quality paints and prepare surfaces correctly. If you cut costs now, you'll pay for it in the future.

Keeping up with maintenance is also key to extending the life of an exterior paint job. Inspect the exterior of your home every year for signs of moisture damage, paint cracks, and wood rot.

Exterior painting that will last

If you're getting quotes from professional painters, remember that paying less usually costs more in the long run. From preparation to paint quality, every stage of the process contributes to the life of your home's exterior paint job.

Tips from Gainsville Painting Contractors, Florida

Here are a few exterior painting tips for homeowners:
  • Make sure rotting wood is replaced as soon as you spot any damage.
  • For exposed wood, sealing and caulking should be part of the preparation process.
  • Begin with clean surfaces before any paint is applied.
  • Use a paint primer to extend the life of the paint job.
  • Always choose high-quality paint for exterior painting.

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