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Commercial Building Repainting

Commercial Building Repainting

It may not seem it, but this time of year is actually a very good time to undertake a commercial repaint. The cooler climate of Winter is an ideal time to get your commercial premises back in ship-shape condition – ready for the Spring/Summer period and those blisteringly hot days.

Exposure to the elements – a triple threat consider Commercial Building Repainting

Is any part of your building directly exposed to the sun for much of the year? If so, chances are that the exterior will drastically fade within 2-4 years. Fading by the sun is a major reason many commercial buildings need regular repainting. Two more, are also due to extremes in weather, namely the wind and rain. Both can affect the condition of paintwork quite severely over time. Of course, the combination of all three over a prolonged period can really take its toll on your building exterior. You can usually tell whether you'll need to repaint after a storm or hurricane, but for less harsh conditions, when it's not so easy to assess impact over many months or years, all it takes is a call to Gainesville painters for some quick, free advice.

Paint type should be a key consideration when Commercial Building Repainting

Often overlooked, the type of paint can have a great bearing on wear ability and longevity of your exterior, so this needs to be considered carefully. Your budget may determine some aspects of the job but bear in mind the quality of paint at all times. From our many years’ experience, we've seen many clients pay more in the long run by opting for cheaper paints or little-known (and tested) brands. It usually doesn't save you money, so think carefully and wisely about the choice of paints.

Paint color – not always an easy decision when Commercial Building Repainting

You'd think it would be easy to choose, right? Well, sometimes it's not as straightforward as you'd think. Wall colors can look very different at different times of the day. Then there's the all-important question of how you match the exterior color to the company brand pallette or any liveried vehicles – this can be a bit tricky, so it's best to seek expert opinion. Finally, lighter colors are often a better choice in Florida as darker colors tend not to fare as well under the intense sun.

We hope these bits of advice are useful to you if you are seeking a commercial repaint – Gainesville is just a call away from further FREE advice on any aspect of commercial painting.

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